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John van Domselaar has been providing individual therapy since 1994

Love, life, laughter

Experiencing more love, celebrating life and being able to laugh sincerely. When it doesn’t flow for a longer period of time, you lose contact with yourself and your environment. Contacts are more difficult and tensions are rising. Tensions arise because you don’t take yourself seriously, don’t listen to your feelings, constantly repeat negative thoughts within yourself, ignore inner impulses, approach everything and everyone very rationally, to name a few examples.

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Under the spell of emotions or emotionlessness

Blocked emotions can make life very unpleasant. Sadness, anger, or fear can have a paralyzing grip because you don’t know how to deal with these feelings. It may be that emotions dominate your life and constantly engulf you. It could also be that you have cut off contact with your feelings and become flat. In both cases, you have forgotten how to listen to your heart and you are too much in your head and thoughts.

Inner peace of your heart

Inner peace is found by listening to the voice of your heart. You recognize the voice of your heart by the way it talks to you. The heart voice only talks in positivity and never in negativity. Imposing obligations on yourself or telling you not to do something anymore is the voice of the mind. The heart speaks lovingly, mildly, and encouragingly. The more you learn to listen to that friendly voice inside you, the calmer it becomes inside.

You use the mind to plan, analyze and solve problems. The mind is especially useful in the outside world. You use the heart to experience love for yourself and for others. The way is to let that love blossom within yourself. When you love yourself, you can also approach your love partner with kindness and the relationship can flourish. My motto: Love for Life.

I would like to invite you for a conversation, on your own or with the partner/people you want to bring with you. In addition, I give fascinating and educational groups and workshops, more information about which can be found elsewhere on this site.

These are the kinds of requests for help that people sign up for therapy with:

  • Physical restlessness or tension
  • Difficulty making real contact or connection
  • Letting go of someone or something and saying goodbye
  • Getting stuck in conflict with partner, friends or family, work
  • Processing a (very) unpleasant experience (from a short or long time ago)
  • Lack of happiness or meaning
  • Finding and experiencing inner peace
  • Getting stuck in worrying or thought patterns
  • Stress of choice
  • Lack of self-confidence and/or assertiveness
  • Overburdened or (against) burnout


From 1 October 2022

Intake of 1 hour € 60,=
For individual therapy, couples therapy, follow-up conversation and supervision
A session of 1 to 1 1/2 hours € 135,= (private) or € 165,= (business)

If it’s right for me, I’ll also work for a different rate. The above rate applies during office hours. If you prefer to meet in the evenings, that is possible. You then pay a surcharge of € 20,= per session.

Essence training of 2 1/2 hours monthly contribution € 100,= (in dutch)
Individual training program Self-confidence – 5 sessions € 365,= (private) or € 605,= (business)
Group training program – 6 sessies € 420,= (private) or € 695,= (business)

Training in Assertiviteit en Zelfvertrouwen en Grip op je Gevoel

Direct aanmelden voor een gesprek met John

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