Enjoying life to the fullest at ZEON

Deepening workshops or inspiring personal growth

At ZEON, you'll really get to know yourself!

John and Sanne van Domselaar are the founders of ZEON, centre for therapy, training and health and founders of facebook page ZEON Oergezonde LifeStyle.

You can join us for an in-depth training, an inspiring personal or couple therapy programme. An excellent place to really take time for yourself, each other or a moment to turn inwards. Here you get in touch with yourself and learn to fathom and understand yourself. We support you to become aware of cause to effect and how to make changes in your life.

Our guidance as a lifestyle therapist is unique in the Netherlands.

Specialist in:

  • self-development and personal development

  • awareness and reversal of limiting beliefs

  • personal development training in the field of

    • assertiveness

    • self-confidence

    • grip on feelings

    • burn-out recovery

    • breath work, etc.

  • and healthy lifestyle, such as awareness of the influence of food and exercise

The key to finding yourself ...

... is in the here & now

In 2003, we started ZEON together, a name that comes from the amalgamation of the Dutch words for Self-development and Relaxation (Zelfontplooiing en Ontspanning). For us, this covers the scope of our work and also our lives. We wanted a place where people could go for personal development and also find a more relaxed attitude to life. We felt this should be reflected in the name and the name should also stick, therefore be short and powerful.

The words ZEN and ZON (SUN) are hidden in ZEON, which we also liked. The peace of being Zen and the light of the Sun. Sometimes people read the word Zoen (Dutch for Kiss) and have the vowels reversed, that too suits us. The love for each other, for life and the people we work with.

For us it is natural that we live what we tell others. Our life is wonderfully peaceful and relaxed.
We take care not to be lived, but to spend our lives pleasantly.

Over the past 20 years, we have developed several working models that increase self-awareness in a simple way. Such as, for example, the awareness model and the Assertiveness scale, also we deepened the working model of the four Basic Feelings with the function of these feelings.

You can contact us for:

  • Individual therapy

  • Couples therapy

  • Group counselling

  • Various instructive trainings on assertiveness, self-confidence, emotion regulation, burn-out counselling, breath work, mindfulness and meditation.

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