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Help for the two of you

A relationship slump can turn your life upside down. Every relationship has to deal with periods of relationship problems from time to time. And every relationship crisis is preceded by a period in which one or both partners felt less happy in the relationship. Sometimes it has been dormant for years and for others it comes as a complete surprise. Engaging professional help through relationship therapy can be seen as entering into a period of deepening together. We have the expertise to help you discover where things can be done differently and what possibilities you have together. With us you will find a safe place to express your doubts, fears or frustrations and together you will look for a way to get closer to each other. With us, relationship therapy is a path to personal growth, so that you grow as a team and as a person in your own right. We challenge you to break through circles and step out of your comfort zone.

Many couples have preceded you, we have years of experience!

What we do:

  • Creating mutual understanding, so that pain points can be discussed in complete safety
  • Providing clarity about the derailment in the relationship
  • Defusing the minefield between you
  • Restoring the connection between the two of you
  • You learn to deal with feelings and vulnerability in a constructive way
  • Bringing out and reinforcing the positive things in your life
  • Attaching a secure bond between the two of you

What it’s going to look like:

The most important thing is a good click between you and us as a counselor, which is why you start the relationship therapy with an intake interview. During this meeting, we will clarify the request for help together with you. We also want to get a good impression of you and hear from everyone you have experienced in your life. When there is enough ground to continue together, we will make a follow-up appointment. If you wish, you can sleep on it before you decide to start the process.

A relationship is only as happy as the least happy. The goal of couples therapy is to improve or dissolve the relationship if the improvement does not occur.

Frequency of Couples Therapy Appointments:

  • Weekly: intensively and we closely monitor how things are going with you
  • Two weekly: a little less intensive, but still enough that we remain strongly involved in your development (most chosen)
  • Three weekly: more independent, many things you will have to solve yourself
  • Monthly: independently, our guidance consists of making slight adjustments
  • Follow-up: an evaluation after about 3 months, 6 months and a year, so that what has been learned sticks well

No waiting list – start the change today!

How we work:

  • Aims to improve the relationship with each other and to provide practical handles and tools for this
  • We help you to gain insight into the genesis of the problem, so that the cause is removed
  • You will start to recognize in which areas you hurt or frustrate each other and how this can be prevented
  • Our help is aimed at giving you handles and tools to learn how to deal with feelings and thoughts
  • We make trips to the past to make clear which feelings or emotions can still be bothering us because of these old experiences
  • Our focus is on the present and to ensure that you learn to treat each other lovingly

Sign up for couples therapy:

Who do you want to meet with for the intake interview?

  • In conversation with John
  • In conversation with Sanne

What Relationship Therapy can do for you:

  • You are much more relaxed in contact with each other and dare to be yourself again
  • You process painful, disruptive experiences so that the relationship is no longer hindered by them
  • Your trust in each other has grown and is a natural part of the relationship
  • You can clearly indicate to each other what you want, so that you can fully enjoy living together
  • You are once again enjoying sharing your deeper feelings and emotions
  • Your environment also benefits from your change, others also enjoy your growth process. So the people who are important to you and close to you will also start to feel happier because they see you change. The investment you make is not only for yourself, but also for your environment

This is what the Relationship Therapy program looks like:

  • You will start with one of us for an introductory meeting of 1 ½ hours, in which we will clarify together what you want to achieve. We make an overview of the experiences that you have gone through and that could possibly be the cause of the imbalance
  • 1 to 2 weeks later your first Relationship Therapy session of 1 ¼ hours will follow, in which we will penetrate deeper into the core of your imbalance
  • The number of sessions varies from couple to couple. For one couple, 5 in-depth sessions are enough and for another, 15 is a good start. It all depends on the experiences you have gone through and your desire to really want to change
  • We discuss the frequency of the Relationship Therapy sessions in mutual consultation, see the explanation described above. Over time, more time can be scheduled between sessions. There is also the possibility to do a follow-up interview over a number of months, so that there is still a moment of consultation
  • Organic coffee or tea is available free of charge
  • Telephone consultations under 10 minutes are included free of charge

What we expect from you:

  • That you want to get serious about yourself and each other
  • Have the intention to really want to change
  • Being motivated to be vulnerable and open
  • Have a willingness to have an open attitude, which goes beyond mere superficialities
  • You both realize that with this trajectory you are going to accelerate your life
  • That you take responsibility for your own progress and indicate what you need
  • Respectfully and actively contribute to the in-depth session conversations
  • Have the courage to get to the core of pain points, to really solve them
  • You want to get the most out of your talents and life and are therefore willing to invest time, money and attention in yourself and your relationship
  • Can easily meet the payment obligation

Sign up for couples therapy:

Who do you want to meet with for the intake interview?

  • In conversation with John
  • In conversation with Sanne

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